Listening To God’s Call?

Many people ask the question: “How do I know that I have a vocation?”, “How do I know where God is leading me?” The answer is not a factual kind of knowledge. The young people that have entered the monastery today as yesterday are responding rather to a deeper kind of knowledge that is born of the heart; a personal desire for God, and sensing over time that this is God’s desire for them too.

We all have many and mixed desires as human beings, some superficial, others enduring and emanating from the “core”. Discernment is about listening and sifting those desires and bringing them to our prayer, reading of scripture and reflections on our daily living. Ultimately, discernment leads us to choose joyfully and freely a life that is “pleasing to God.”

Our next Discernment Weekend takes place 26-28 August, 2011 where you can join us to reflect on your own journey of discernment and find out more about the monastic way of life in our community here at Glencairn.

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