Junior Course at Mount Melleray Abbey, Ireland 2011

This year’s meeting for junior monks and nuns of our region of the Cistercian Order takes place in Mount Melleray Abbey, County Waterford, Ireland from 30 May until 7 June, 2011. With participants from Mount St Bernard Abbey in Leicester, England, Caldey Abbey, Wales, Portglanone Abbey, Northern Ireland, Mellifont Abbey in Louth, Ireland and Glencairn Abbey, this year’s group make a lively witness to the continued attraction of monastic life in this part of the world which can trace such a rich monastic tradition back to the earliest years of Christianity in these islands.

Input during the meeting will be from Sister Margaret Mary Funk OSB (photo above), whose writings on monastic practices and values continue to bring ancient monastic wisdom to new light and relevance for contemporary spirituality. The juniors will have a full schedule ahead of them together with the joys of reuniting as a group undergoing a shared formation experience in the various different communities of our region.

Srs Denise and Mary, Robert and Katherine represent Glencairn at the meeting. Srs Maria Therese and Fiachra, in their second juniorate year, look forward to further study courses later in the year.

The community at Glencairn had the pleasure of hosting the juniors here at the Abbey during their week’s meeting for an afternoon together followed by a festive supper and Vespers, which was greatly enjoyed by all. May their search for God in the monastic way of life lead them to the fullness of life and love that God has planned for them.

Photos from the juniors visit to Glencairn: View Events Gallery