Cistercians Attend Papal Mass

Cistercian monks and nuns, representing Glencairn, Mt Melleray and Roscrea, travelled to Dublin yesterday to attend the papal mass. Eight sisters from Glencairn left at six a.m. in heavy rain to make sure they were on time to negotiate the traffic and the long walk to their seats. The joy of all the participants making their way and sharing the event was for all one of the highlights of the day,  described by one sister as ‘rivers of humanity’ all coming together around the altar with the Pope. Meeting people for the first time and reconnecting with friends was all part of the joy of the event. The words of Pope Francis in the penitential rite of the Mass in response to his meeting with survivors of abuse by members of the Church were also powerfully felt. The cooperation and high degree of organisation by both gardaí and volunteers to help the gathering run smoothly were much appreciated. Meanwhile back at Glencairn, the rest of the community watched the events of the day on television, and were together with the pilgrims ‘in spirit’. We continue to pray here for wisdom for Pope Francis and for the Church, especially the Irish Church, in all their decisions at this time.