Abbatial Election, 31 May 2013

On the Feast of the Visitation on 31st May 2013, Sister Marie Fahy was re-elected Abbess of St Mary’s Abbey, Glencairn.

Mother Marie began her leadership ministry to the community in 2001, and was re-elected in 2007. This will be her third six year term in the service of authority at St Mary’s Abbey.

On the morning of 31st May, the abbatial election was preceded by the Mass of the Holy Spirit, both were presided over by Dom Augustine McGregor, Abbot of Mount Melleray Abbey.

After the proclamation of results and the consent of Sr Marie, the election was confirmed and the whole community were convoked for the profession of faith by the Abbess elect and the promise of obedience by the community. The ceremony ended with the Te Deum and a final prayer.

We congratulate and pray for Mother Marie as she begins her new term of office as Abbess and ask God’s blessings on our community as we begin a new stage of our journey in the school of the Lord’s service.