The Rise of the Roses Summer Tour at Glencairn

Meet the Rise of the Roses together with the Sisters of Glencairn on Saturday 25th July at St Mary’s Abbey, Glencairn on their Summer Tour to visit ten different convents and find out more about the life they find inside… – ‘Ten convents, ten Saturdays’. The Rise of the Roses is the inspiration of a group of girls who met through the Michaela Foundation, writing and developing the faith element of the girls’ Summer Camps and Retreats.A Tremendous Thirst for GodThrough their work they discovered ‘a tremendous thirst for God amongst the young girls of Ireland’, and sought, together with The Poor Clare Sisters of Faughart, to find an effective way of promoting and celebrating consecrated life in this Year of Consecrated Life.‘Wake up the world’, is the call of Pope Francis to Religious men and women: The Rise of the Roses Summer Tour is the inspired response to his call from these young women to accompany other young women in an encounter with religious women’s communities all over Ireland to ‘rediscover the beauty of a life given to God’. We think they are on to something!A Culture of Saying Yes to GodThe Rise of the Roses see the tremendous importance of helping to promote a culture of vocations in the Irish Church, to spread an awareness that everyone has a vocation and to encourage young people to seriously consider their call from God. This call can be to give oneself to God in many different paths in life, including marriage, the single life, the priesthood and consecrated life. Aware too, of the need of young people who are specifically considering a call to Consecrated Life to be supported in their journey of discernment, The Rise of the Roses have committed themselves to pray for and provide a ‘network of peers for young women who feel that the Lord might be calling them in this special way’. Summer Tour coming to Glencairn!The Sisters at Glencairn await with enthusiasm the arrival of Rise of Roses tour at Glencairn on 25th July.

In the spirit of joy and fun that is characteristic of the Rise of the Roses, we would like to invite all interested women who wish to explore and celebrate with us the Cistercian way of life to come along on this special Saturday on 25th July and experience a fellowship of faith in answering together our ‘yes’ to God.We also invite all men and women to come along who want to support these young women in their openness to their vocation and to those of us who have already and continue to answer our ‘yes’ in ever renewed ways as Cistercian Nuns here at St Mary’s Abbey, Glencairn.What will the afternoon involve?The visit begins at 2:30 with Welcomes and the opportunity to meet the Sisters of Glencairn and the Rise of the Roses followed by music led by the Roses Team members and personal testimonies and a ‘questions and answers’ session about life at St Mary’s Abbey, Glencairn. Afternoon tea and refreshments will be followed by the prayer of the Rosary led by the Rise of the Roses and a special ‘Rose-planting’ ceremony to mark the Year of Consecrated Life. The community will gather in the Abbey Church for Evening prayer together with our guests in choir, followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The afternoon will draw to a close at 6pm. If you think you might be interested in this event, why not come along and bring your friends? Some have already contacted us to express their interest in attending. Please contact Sr Sarah at for more information and to book a place.  Admission is free.Photo: Some members of the Rise of the Roses Team Rise of the Roses Prayer: see our homepage!