Sr Elizabeth’s First Profession, 27th August 2015

The Abbess and community of St Mary’s Abbey, Glencairn rejoice to celebrate a second First Profession this August.  The First Profession of Sr Elizabeth Deasy took place on a beautiful, sunny morning in our Church here at Glencairn, on the anniversary of the Dedication of our Abbey Church.  Sr Elizabeth comes originally from Co. Cork and entered our community in January 2013.  The following are extracts from Mother Marie’s Chapter Talk given on the occasion:My dear Liz: as we celebrate the 54th anniversary of the consecration of our Abbey Church we rejoice with you and for you as you commit yourself today, to vows of obedience, conversion of life and stability in this monastic community. This church stands as a visible sign of God and the beauty of the church points to the One who is Light and Beauty itself. Your own vowed life also will stand as a visible sign of God…Just as this church is a light filled space, you also are called to be a light for people: by the honesty and integrity of your life, by the depth of your self-knowledge, by living in the truth. As you worship in spirit and in truth, you are called to give light by your compassion for others and your willingness to share their concerns. You are called to give light through your union with God in liturgical and contemplative life…This sacred space of our Abbey Church is dedicated to God, who revealed and gave himself to us in Christ and God continues to manifest his presence through the Word of Scripture, the humanity of Christ and through the Church. The Lord Jesus is the stone which supports the weight of the world, which maintains the unity of the Church and brings all of us as living stones in the temple of his body to completeness in life here on earth and ultimately to the Father’s House…Today, Liz, you are given to us as another living stone in this temple of Christ’s Body, a living stone to be shaped, honed, purified, until the Christ in you is drawn out more and more and you truly become the chosen bride. As we rejoice with Sr Liz and Sr Angela as they take another step in their commitment to God in monastic life at Glencairn, we ask you to join with us in praying for them at this time.  May they both be led to the fullness of life, meaning and happiness in their Cistercian vocation.Photo: Sr Elizabeth receiving the black scapular and belt of a Junior Professed Sister from Mother Marie Fahy ocso, Abbess of Glencairn.