Our new CD Laudamus is now available to order!

Our new CD Laudamus (We Praise): Morning and Evening Prayer is now available to order, shipping will commence from Friday 14th December 2012. If you wish to buy our new CD you can purchase either directly through our website or from the Abbey here at Glencairn. Laudamus will also be available in other monastery gift shops before Christmas from 17th December. We plan to distribute our new CD to other retail outlets nationwide early in the new year, 2013.

Laudamus, which includes the Liturgical Hours of Lauds, Vespers and Compline, was recorded by the community in the Abbey Church on 30th October 2012 here at Glencairn under the musical direction of Marjorie Moran joined by Tim Fouhy, providing organ accompaniment.

A beautifully designed sixteen-page booklet by Philippa Mortimer accompanies our new CD with photography by Bryan O’Brien, courtesy of the Irish Times. Bryan’s work, illustrating key aspects of our Cistercian life at Glencairn including landscape shots from our 200 acre Abbey farmland, compliments the full text of the Psalmody provided in the booklet for each of the three offices of prayer.

It is our wish that our new recording will be a valuable prayer resource for those who want to make their own the prayer of the Divine Office, offering their morning and evening prayer together with us here in spirit, at Glencairn.

The music of the liturgy recorded on this album was compiled by musician and composer Margaret Daly for the Liturgy of the Hours at St. Mary’s Abbey, Glencairn. Many of Margaret’s own compositions are included in this recording. We are indebted to Margaret and to the other copyright holders who have permitted us use of their material, and to many others who have helped us to realise this community project.

Produced entirely by the Nuns of St. Mary’s Abbey, Glencairn, all proceeds of this new CD will go towards our Renovation Project which is currently at fundraising stage.

To purchase our CD:
Currently available from St. Mary’s Abbey, Glencairn at a special price of 14.99 EURO
Directly through our website: please click on the CD image on the right hand side of our website pages and follow instructions.

For further information about Laudamus, our new CD or about the St. Mary’s Abbey, Glencairn Renovation Project please contact us at: info@glencairnabbey.org