Our New Book: ‘A Year in the Life: Glencairn Abbey’

Over the past year at Glencairn Abbey we have been working with acclaimed professional photographer Valerie O’Sullivan on preparations for our new book which will be published by Columba Press in October 2017.  The book charts the days and seasons of the past year of monastic life in our community.  ‘Candid’ humorous moments combine with the more mystical atmosphere that pervades the Cistercian life of prayer and worship, community life, work and solitude.  The sisters have shared their ‘why monastic life?’ vocation stories and what drove them to give up their full lives of work, family and friends to come to the monastery to seek God.  We are indebted to Valerie O’Sullivan for her painstaking and beautiful work which we hope will bring insight into this centuries-old yet contemporary way of life for a new generation of readers.

Proceeds from this book will support our building fund for the next phase of the Glencairn Abbey Building and Renovation Project.  We thank all those who have made this project a reality so far and we look towards Phase 4 and the completion of our New Guesthouse and Hospitality Centre from which we can welcome visitors to the Abbey in an appropriate and pleasant setting.