Monastic Vocations Weekend 29-31 August 2014

This is an “overflow” weekend that we are offering to those who are interested in exploring their vocation with us at Glencairn in the month of August this year.

As our last Monastic Experience Weekend in May was overbooked – what a great group we had with us – we decided to make another weekend experience available here at Glencairn this summer to women aged 22-40 who are searching for God in their lives and for his will for them for their future.

Who enters a monastery? St Benedict, quoting from Psalm 33(34), asks: “Who is there who longs for life, who desires to see good days?”. Cistercian monastic life is one very rewarding way of answering Christ’s call and serving him in a life of worship, contemplation, community and hospitality.

For more information about this event, please see our vocations page or contact Sr Sarah, vocations director, at 087 1909 830 or by email: (Please take care if emailing: some don’t receive a reply because they have mis-spelt our email address and it hasn’t arrived in our inbox!)